Tuesday, June 27, 2017

3 Places Where Roof Fencing Might Be Necessary

Roof fencing is a common feature at many secure facilities. A rooftop fence deters criminals from entering a business by scaling the walls and breaking in from above. It's a relatively simple roofing renovation that provides an extra layer of security to thwart would-be thieves and criminals—one of Lonestone Renovations' many services.

Parking Garages with Nearby Buildings 
Roof fencing done on a house roof

Parking garages commonly have open rooftops that are used as additional space for cars. This maximizes space; however, if a garage is built close enough to nearby buildings, criminals will look to enter by moving from the neighboring building onto the garage roof. A roof fence will prevent these car thieves from entering.

Tall Trees in Proximity to the Structure

Criminals are smart and, above all, relentless. Trees that are close enough to allow criminals to climb onto the roof present an all-too-enticing invitation. Rather than getting rid of the trees, try a roofing renovation with a downward-angled fence to keep intruders away.

Warehouses With Pipes or Ducts Outside

Warehouses, much like parking structures and other industrial buildings, are often built for function rather than form. This means that plumbing and HVAC elements may be exposed. These can be used to climb onto the roof without much difficulty. A rooftop fence will prevent drain pipes or other elements from being a ladder into the building.

For businesses that are vulnerable to criminals entering through the roof, consider a roofing renovation that incorporates roof fencing as an added layer of defense. Call (780) 655-8402 or fill out the Lonestone Renovations contact form to learn more.