Wednesday, September 20, 2017

4 Steps to Avoid Leaky Bathroom Pipes

Water leaks are not necessarily easy to trace in a home or residence. Even so, there are telltale signs that can lead to an eventual plumbing leak repair. Here are a few steps to avoid more serious expenses in the future.

1. Review Water Bills 
A plumber repairing a bathroom pipe

Keep a sharp eye on the monthly water bill. Compare it with the same month of the previous year. Any unexpected increases can be a red flag for a pipe leaking in the home.

2. Look for Mould and Mildew

Leaking water often shows up in damp spots on floors or ceilings. Before long, these spots can cause mould, creating a musty odour. If a musty smell begins to permeate the home, the reason may be a leaking pipe. Especially in bathrooms, mould on the walls or in corners is often a sign of a water leak nearby. Carefully inspect the areas near showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks and anywhere else water gathers or pools. Areas that are always wet or begin to discolour could signal a need for plumbing leak repair.

3. Fix Foundational Cracks Quickly

Cracks in the foundation of a home should be examined quickly. Among other threats, water seeping from a pipe can create cracks in structural components and foundations with serious implications.

4. Locate Damaged Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Blistering paint on a wall or on wallpaper is a sign of bathroom leaks. When water and moisture get between the wall and paint, materials fall off in pieces. Similarly, wallpaper that is warping or staining also suggests leaking water.

Similarly, when a bathroom floor buckles, cracks or shows staining for no apparent reason, the goal should be to locate or eliminate the chances of a water leak. Water could be leaking from a pipe beneath the floor or arriving from another area.

Also, with a bathroom on the second floor, any dark stain on the ceiling beneath it may signal a leaking pipe. Carefully explore the bathroom for any signs of water damage and pursue the reason for the ceiling stains. A sagging ceiling is a clear sign of water gathering and the necessity for plumbing leak repair.

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