Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Guide to Bathroom Regulations for Commercial Properties

When it comes to a commercial property, making sure that every space is up to regulation is essential for continued operation. Here's a guide to getting started with plumbing services and bathroom regulations.

Location Is Everything 
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As part of the design process for a commercial space, knowing where restrooms will be located should be one of the first steps. In Canada, customer washrooms cannot be in locations where customers have to walk through areas where food is handled, prepared, or stored to reach them. Staff washrooms cannot be directly attached to food preparation or food storage areas either.

All-Access Washrooms

In addition to being properly located, new washrooms must also be barrier-free accessible so that patrons with physical, sensory or developmental disabilities can access the washroom. However, if a building has existing washrooms that are not barrier-free, they may not need to be upgraded unless there are changes made to walls or plumbing fixture locations. Businesses should access section 3.8 of Alberta Building Code for more specifics on barrier-free design.

Sanitation Requirements

Once it's clear how many restrooms a workplace requires, it's also important to know the sanitation requirements that the space requires. Plumbing systems that supply potable water and remove water-borne waste must meet the standards of the Canadian Plumbing Code. They must also be connected to a municipal sanitation sewer or water main. If these needs aren't met, it may be necessary to reach out to have the bathroom serviced.

Cleaning Up

Although the number of restrooms, plumbing services and sanitation requirements are important, there are also a number of small details that may require bathroom renovations. For example, at least one washbasin or other means of cleaning hands must be provided in each toilet facility. For every two toilets, there must be at least one washbasin.

When it comes to regulations, it's important to stay on top of updates. If you are considering renovations, reach out to Lonestone Renovations today at (780) 655-8402.

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